Although modern tires are built incredibly tough, they can wear down over time. Regardless of whether you feel your tires are damaged or not, it’s important to get a professional to inspect them at regular intervals. A worn tire is a dangerous tire. An unbalanced tire wears down more quickly. And any tire wear or unbalancing can lead to a bumpy ride and unfavorable gas mileage.


To the untrained eye, a tire just looks like a tire. But to our trained and qualified team, we see every tiny imperfection that can lead to problems or headaches down the road.


Tire inspections should be performed once a month, or before going for a long drive or road trip. Here’s what we look for when inspecting your tires.

Tread Depth — We ensure your treads are deep enough by inspecting them all the way around each tire. Tread depth is one of the best indicators of a worn tire. If the treads are shallower than what is recommended, we’ll let you know. There are legal and safety limits to a tread’s depth or lack thereof, because a shallow tread’s ability to grip the road is severely impacted.

Side Wall — We then check the condition of the sidewalls of your tires. Blowouts are very common and can lead to dangerous high speed accidents. The sidewalls of a vehicle can become weak and brittle over time from wear and bumps against curbs.

Check for over or under inflation — Your tires should be inflated to the PSI recommended by the manufacturer. If it is over or under, we will ensure to get it right.